Imagine having more EASE, FUN and PROFIT by posting regularly on Facebook.

Are you sick of scrolling through Facebook when you should be working?


Are you not sure how to turn your social media time into a revenue generating activity?


Do you hear about other designers selling out their shops on Facebook and want to know their secrets?


Do you never know what to post when you go on Facebook?


Have you given up on Facebook as a traffic source for your website?


If you answered yes to any of the above, I hear ya, designer!


Join me in a high vibe 21 day challenge where spending less than 20 minutes per day, you can create engaging content that will get new collectors into your shop and get people who’ve bought from you before BACK!


You will get the exact prompts I use with my private clients that lead to more engagement and more sales using Facebook. AND have more fun sharing your story.


This is exactly the blueprint I wished I had when I was in charge of social media accounts for a million dollar shop. I never knew what to say even though I had five stores with over 100,000 pieces of inventory at my finger tips.


I wasn’t sharing about how we lovingly restored antique seed pearls that had fallen out.


I wasn’t showing off a new emerald ring and talking about how the owner traveled to Columbia to pick it out.


I was saying the same stale thing over and over again.


Now, when I scroll through Facebook, I see the same exact thing.


There are so many missed opportunities for more sales because you are too timid to tell us the story behind your jewelry.


That all ends now - join us for a 21 day challenge SOCIAL SALES BLUEPRINT.


💰 21 days of support to share your story with your collectors DAILY.


💰Behind the scenes of my exact morning routine that guarantees you will not be staring at a blank screen wondering what to say.


💰Using Live Video to share your story on Facebook


💰What your collectors REALLY want to know and how to tell them about it!


💰Daily sales activities to get AFTER your sales goals.


21 day challenge