If you been successful on Etsy, then you know that having a strong about page sets you apart from your competition. Now that you started your own website, you need to understand what to include on your about page.

Sharing your WHY in the form of how you got started, or any story that illustrates it. We want you to draw people in with a narrative and connect.

Here is a quick way to spend an afternoon working on your about page so you can grow your business!

  • Find a friend with a camera or an iPhone
  • Clean up your shop or studio, so it looks like a polished version of your working studio
  • Have your friend ask you some questions and record the interview
  • Transcribe the interview (Rev.com is awesome for that and costs $1/min).

Have your friend ask you the following questions: 

How did you take the plunge to leave your day job and focus on your shop?


Tell me about your making process. How do you go from an idea to a finished product?


Do any of your designs have a special meaning to you?


What’s currently the most popular item in your shop?


How has your product line evolved over the years?


What’s your favorite kind of item to make?


Tell me about your relationship with your customers.


Last question: What do you love most about your work?


Take some photos of your studio and your process, include them in your about page.

And there you go! A peek into your studio that talks about your unique process, what sets you apart.