We are always thinking about handmade and product based businesses. I go to bed thinking about them, I think about them on my morning walk, while I’m drinking my coffee - I’m always thinking about what the big shops are doing right (and wrong), and how I can bring that back to my clients and other handmade businesses who want to make more sales online.

Etsy is a big seller who did a whole lot of right.

1) They highlighted the PEOPLE behind the brand

2) They required SEO through thoughtful and well researched tags.

3) They (almost) required at least five photos, and

4) Prominently displayed reviews.

5) Clear FAQs, including shipping, returns and lead times

Now, take a look at your website. Do you have these five pieces in place?

Are there areas for improvement? Have you focused on one element and left the others to the wayside?

Listen, I get it. It can be challenging to highlight YOU and the brand. It is much easier to hide behind the scenes. And, if you’ve had an Etsy shop, you might have said a little bit about your brand, but it was never your focus.

But, now - you’ve opened your website, and you need to build the trust that Etsy had created for you. Etsy did all of the marketing, the advertising and the SEO work (even though you might have complained about the algorithm, Etsy made you pay attention to SEO).

And now - there are less rules and less structure! How awesome to be away from Etsy with better margins. BUT….now you need to do the work to highlight your brand and make sure you are telling the same handmade story that Etsy was telling for you.

Here is one action step you can take today. Think about how you can improve your about page and take action!