We’ve been talking a lot about how key it is to get your audience right for successful Facebook ads.

 We spend a lot of time split testing different audiences. It might be tempting to go narrow first but it really depends on the season it is and how much it currently costs to advertise.

In non-Facebook ads speak, that means: is it a holiday and are a lot of people advertising?

The more people are running advertising the more expensive it is to advertise.  There are only a certain amount of spaces in the newsfeed, so during holiday seasons, it becomes even more expensive to reach the same amount of people.

 We are currently running a campaign to cold audiences where we started out quite broad with our targeting.  We were advertising to women who had an interest in jewelry.  We tested the creative using this hypothesis -  broad audience equals low cost per click, equals testing out what creative had a high engagement rate.  We’re also teaching Facebook that our creative was very relevant.

After a testing period, the next thing we did was narrow down the audience. We did this by layering on more demographic data.

Here are the two questions we asked ourselves:

Does the audience in question exclude people with a certain income bracket?

Does the audience include people who like certain luxury goods?

By applying the next level of targeting, we were able to improve the click through rate from 2% to 5%.

BONUS TIP: We also use the same post retaining all the social proof and positivity and relevance for the had been already garnered by Facebook.

Head to ads manager →  and then go to page posts,  and search for the post in question →  and then grab the post ID.

Then you can choose the ‘existing post’ option which allows you to get the exact same as social proof on the same creative.

Have you tried starting with a broad category to gain traction and test creative and then going more narrow?