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Digital advertising in today’s world can be a tough space to navigate. As someone who sells high-end items online, you need a quick way to directly connect to your collectors to build trust right away.

You’ve done your research. You’ve read the case studies about social media advertising. Perhaps you’ve even tried your hand at social media advertising, but it just hasn’t cut it.

Here’s the reality: Facebook ads are great—but for a high-end item with values between $2,000 and $60,000, your Return on Investment (ROI) in social media just simply isn’t going to have the power that you need. Supporting social media ads with a sequence of welcome emails will work, but it still won’t quite be enough.

So what gives? Why aren’t the general status quo solutions to digital advertising not enough for you?

The answer is simple: as a reputable high-end jewelry seller, you aren’t the general status quo, and neither are your clients.

You provide a unique experience, and your clients are not looking for the average.

Your jewelry builds memories and celebrates milestones. Therefore, your approach to reaching your clients needs to go beyond the average as well.


Whether you’re just starting out or you have a seasoned client list, there is one key email that you need to send to have a profitable online presence.

Think about email lists you’ve been subscribed to. What makes you stay, and what makes you unsubscribe?

Oftentimes, people sign up for email newsletter lists and get lost in the abyss of automation, which creates a disconnect from the brand or expertise they seek.

If you take that extra small but completely worthwhile step and send the newcomers to your email distribution list a personalized welcome email with a video, you show that person that you are emotionally connected and invested in their success.

Not only are you addressing them personally, but you are developing connection for both parties.

Let me give you an example. Recently, one of my clients send 5 direct personalized emails during the holiday season. The end result? Over $10K in revenue. Yes! $10K! Talk about something that was hugely profitable, and can be repeated again and again!


Each and every time you get a new subscriber to your email distribution list, be certain to send your newcomers a personalized welcome video.

First things First.

If you use an email marketing platform (i.e. MailChimp, Klaivyo, Constant Contact, and the like) make sure your settings are set to send you notifications when you have a new subscriber. Set your automation to get a daily report of new subscribers so that you can immediately prepare personalized welcome videos.


Here are a few ways you can do this.

  1. Download Bonjoro.

This app allows you to directly link up your email marketing platform to get notified when someone new joins your list. You can record a short hello video and immediately send to connect with someone who has shown interest in your shop.

  1. Use a video recording service that lives directly on your desktop like Vidyard, Useloom, and Wistia.

With these apps, you can get a bit more fancy, like using a special light by your desk, or invest in some video equipment.

The most important thing is to show that there is a dedicated REAL PERSON behind the scenes of the business who is there to support your customer through the journey of purchasing online.


Now you’re ready to get your personalized video out to recipients.

Here are the key strategies to adhere to when creating the video

  • Keep the message to 2 minutes or less.
  • Welcome them by name. *Make sure your email marketing platform settings require a first name to be submitted.
  • Talk about the specifics of your brand. What makes you unique or an expert?
  • Most importantly—tell them how to get in touch with you. Have at least three ways for people to get in touch with you…email, live chat, and a prominent phone number.Bonus: Encourage your new prospective client to directly book a meeting with you to discuss what they are looking for. Remember, these are busy people, so making it EASY to chat with you is essential.

So, what are you waiting for? Start sending your personalized welcome videos today! You'll directly connect with your prospects and they will trust you from the very start of your relationship.

Challenge yourself to send three video emails TODAY to prospective customers.

Happy emailing!