Dani Barbe came to us with a brand new site that had been redesigned and she needed support in getting more traffic and awareness. Having seen success on Etsy and through Instagram, she knew her ideal client loved her jewelry - she just needed them to know about her site.

Average Cost Per Click $0.37

Overall increase in traffic +347% Yr/Yr


Jewelry And Décor For The Modern Bohemian.

Dani Barbe melds raw, unique stones with metal to create beautifully different jewelry and décor for the modern bohemian. Formerly a singer/songwriter, she was inspired to repurpose vintage pieces and stones during her vagabond tours across the country. With their unconventional pairing of materials and fashion-forward aesthetic, Dani Barbe's designs were a huge hit. She soon traded the road for her studio outside of Washington DC, where she selects, sculpts and sets each of her signature pieces by hand. Featured in NY Mag, Buzzfeed, Architectural Digest, Elle, Elle Decor, and HuffPost.


Grow Newly Launched Site with Facebook and Instagram Ads

Dani Barbe wanted to raise awareness from her large Instagram following and get them to shop on her newly launched site.


Increasing Awareness and Traffic Through Retargeting and Collection Ads

Dani Barbe partnered with Kathleen Cutler Strategy to use creative that matched their modern bohemian vibe and would attract more qualified customers to her already large customer base.

We created a custom funnel that brought new traffic in, retargeted people who had visited the site and encourage repeat customers.


Overall increase in revenue on site +1359%  

Increase in adds to cart using Facebook ads +6,300%

31% ROI on ad spend over first six months

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