After previously only running retargeting campaigns, we worked with J.Hannah to create a comprehensive strategy to get more qualified traffic to her site using Facebook and Instagram ads.

Average Cost Per Click $0.59

Overall increase in traffic on site +85.7% Yr/Yr

Increase in traffic from Facebook and Instagram +517.15%


Jewelry for how it should be worn: Never taken off.

J.Hannah is a Los Angeles based jewelry company, founded by Jess Hannah. Jess Hannah discovered her love for jewelry after inheriting a few of her grandmother's vintage pieces. Elegant and exceptionally crafted, they held the charm of a different era, becoming pieces of constant inspiration.

Today her pieces focus on craft and timelessness, with collections that take subtle cues from art, architecture, and geography. It is jewelry for living in and living with; heirlooms for the modern era.


Grow Their Reach to New Customers

J.Hannah wanted to enhance her existing retargeting by getting more qualified buyers to the site, as well as grow engagement on their Instagram and Facebook pages and awareness of their product.


Getting more traffic to the site

J.Hannah partnered with Kathleen Cutler strategy to test different strategies to get more traffic to their site. J.Hannah wanted to encourage more online sales, as well as awareness traffic likely to purchase their product.

Focus was put on using J.Hannah’s organic content to draw more of their ideal clients into the curated shop while continuing to tell their brand story through lifestyle Instagram shots.

We created a comprehensive funnel that brought new traffic in, retargeted traffic and utilized dynamic product catalogs to specifically target qualified traffic based on what they had already considered purchasing.


Overall increase in revenue on site +242.9% Yr/Yr

Increase in adds to cart from Facebook ads +80.97%]

242% ROI on ad spend over first four months

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