Zoe and Piper came to us wanting to increase traffic and awareness for their jewelry brand. They had done some Facebook advertising on their own, but didn’t have time to focus on growing their advertising account. They also wanted support in making sure their strategy was on point to grow their brand online.

Average Cost Per Click $0.43

Overall increase in traffic +167% Yr/Yr

Increase in traffic from Facebook and Instagram +1114.39%


Cleared. Charged. Connected.

Zoe & Piper creates jewelry with meaning by incorporating ancient symbols and healing gemstones in her jewelry. Their jewelry resonates with each and every wearer on a Soul level. Their jewelry has been seen on TV - Jane the Virgin, Stitchers, Modern Family, Bones, The Vampire Diaries, Baby Daddy, Law &  Order: SVU, Veep, Bloodline, Pretty Little Liars & more!


Engage existing customer base while growing their new customers  

Zoe & Piper wanted more traffic to their website - they were focused on Amazon and wholesale accounts but knew that the success in their long term growth lay in focusing on promoting their own website.


Increasing qualified traffic to their site.

Zoe & Piper partnered with Kathleen Cutler strategy to test different strategies to get more traffic to their site. With a focus on speaking to their ideal client, we were able to increase awareness as well as traffic, especially through their busy holiday season.

We created a four part funnel that brought new traffic in, retargeted people who had visited the site and encourage repeat customers.


Overall increase in revenue on site +181% Yr/Yr

Increase in adds to cart using Facebook ads +1,022%

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