Our Story and How We Help

Your jewelry MEANS something to you and your clients.


And while you want to SELL it, it’s always been about more than sales.  


You’re creator, an artist, and a business owner.


You want to get your work into the world and we’re here to help.


You’re no beginner and while things are going well, you want them to be going even better.


Here’s the thing: right now, there’s a good chance you’re leaving money on the table.


And, it’s not your fault. As the designer AND business owner, you’ve got A LOT on your plate, so seeing the places where you could make some simple shifts to bring in more money isn’t on the top of your priority list. (Luckily, it’s at the top of ours.)


Hi, I’m Kathleen Cutler, Founder of Bespoke Commerce and CEO of Kathleen Cutler Strategy and I’m so glad you’re here!


We help high end jewelers bring more money into their business by using sales strategies and systems that are EASY for our clients to learn and maintain.


I work with jewelers because I am one… or, I was one. I studied at the Gemological Institute of America and worked in with a jeweler helping her build her pieces and sell them. I’ll never forget the day I sold my first $30,000 diamond. After years of working in person, I then supported the team virtually regularly selling $15,000 pieces on the internet.


While I loved working hands on with the jewelry, I found myself deeply interested in the translation of a jewelry shop to the online world and how marketing and sales was so different but so much the same.


In the following years, I founded and built a very successful social media advertising agency helping retailers build their business and sales online. While our Facebook and Instagram ads were very successful, I couldn’t help but notice that that was only ONE piece of the sales puzzle.


There were so many times I would be chatting with clients and I could see opportunities for them to close more sales all over the place. I could see how their network translated into their net worth in ways they just couldn’t see. So, I decided to start talking about it.


The results? Amazing. By opening up and looking at more than the advertising I’ve found that I can help jewelers even more by helping them shift the way they think about and execute sales, and THAT is what makes the biggest long-term difference.


My clients are busy, creative people with long to-do lists and my job is to support them in efficiently cultivating their network to increase their sales.


Want to learn about working together?

Right this way.


About Kathleen Cutler



Kathleen Cutler is behind the scenes of multiple million dollar online jewelry stores. With a degree from GIA, coaching 100+ jewelers, and time on the jewelers bench as well as selling in high-end boutiques, Kathleen can help you create your online jewelry storefront through high-touch digital relationships using her Bespoke Commerce™ system.

Her keynote “3 Golden Rules to Sell More Fine Jewelry Online” has been featured on the Boss Project Product Powerhouse Summit and at Flourish and Thrive Live in NYC.

Accreditations + Press

Case Studies

  • Christine Lupo saw $14,367 in new sales in one month, and on track to add $50k to her bottom line in three months.
  • Emily Kuvin added $10k to her sales in two weeks by sending 5 emails to past customers.
  • Walton's Antique Jewelry saw an increase of 144.5% mo/mo revenue and 400% increase in units sold mo/mo
  • Mullen Brothers Jewelers saw an increase of 48% year/year and a 96% increase in average order value.
  • Few Made Jewelry saw a 4,920% increase year/year, including a 42% increase in average order value.
  • J.Hannah Jewelry saw a 54.59x ROI, turning $363 into nearly $20k!!
  • Blooming Lotus saw 341 adds to cart and 55 purchases for total revenue of $6,582.15 and ROI of 9.33x!

Kathleen Cutler Strategy - 2007 - current

  • Founder of Bespoke Commerce™ System - helping jewelers form deeper relationships with their clients at scale
  • Mentor for over 100 jewelers with personal coaching and group coaching to achieve their goals
  • Specialized in fine and antique jewelry
  • Generated $150,000 in new revenue for one jeweler
  • Closed half a million dollars in highend sales
  • Created Facebook Ad campaigns with 2,200% ROI
  • Published press release that landed in New York Times article
  • Partnered with Shopify, Klaviyo and HubSpot
  • Paid advertising for large Fortune 500 companies
  • Email marketing and paid advertising strategy for jewelers, including J.Hannah, Tiny Tags, Blooming Lotus, Dani Barbe
  • Social media for small business starting in 2008
  • Created podcast in 2007

Market Square Jewelers - 2013 - 2015

Director of Marketing and Online Sales

  • Managed over 10,000 pieces of jewelry online
  • Organized website redesign
  • Moderinzed paper sales process to digital point of sale system
  • Managed process of moving from handwritten tags to digital system, including inventorying over 100,000 items
  • Directed antique marketplace Ruby Lane store and migration
  • Supported customers to close online sales
  • Educated customers around antique and estate jewelry
  • Ran all paid advertising and social media
  • Email marketing, blogging and video strategy

Sales Staff

  • Inventory of over 100,000 antique and estate jewelry items in four locations
  • Educated and personally worked with high end customers
  • Managed repairs, custom jobs and antique watch repair
  • Antique jewelry restoration, including Victorian seed pearl jewelry
  • Sorted and graded diamonds, emeralds and other colored stones

Rebekah Brooks Jewelry - 2011 - 2013

Sales Staff

  • Sold handmade jewelry in busy downtown location
  • Educated customers on antique diamond engagement rings

Bench Jeweler

  • Antique jewelry restoration
  • Hand fabricated jewelry
  • Jewelry design
  • Ordered and organized metals and gemstones from dealers
  • Worked with master jewelers