High level customer service and communication. When we work together, we’re dedicated to your success.

Cutting edge strategy and implementation. Rest easy knowing that we’re optimizing your funnel daily to get you the best results.

Brilliant copywriting to highlight your brand voice and connect with your audience.

Complete email marketing so you don’t leave any money on the table.

See What Our Customers Are Saying

Since working with Kathleen we are not only receiving increased traffic to our website but also grew an engagement of our audience on social media. Kathleen is easy to communicate with, understands my business and is extremely knowledgable with Facebook advertising.

Owner | Henry's House of Coffee

When I first started working with Kathleen, I was worried that I would just be adding to the outlandish marketing noise that is out there on the internet right now. I feel that so many female entrepreneurs online are being misled by harmful marketing practices and I did not want that. Working with Kathleen proved to me that I CAN stick to my brand and personal feminist values while creating valuable ad campaigns. It’s been a thrill to find someone who shares my vision around marketing and creating not only effective, but gentle and kind campaigns for my audience. I would absolutely recommend working with Kathleen!

Owner | JamieLeigh.com

My facebook advertising has gone from 0 – 200% ROI since I started working with Kathleen!

Owner | Pig of the Month BBQ

I am in love with Kathleen’s enthusiasm for her work. It is great to have someone as a partner who cares so deeply about our business and treats it as their own. She is constantly seeking better ways to understand our users and bring new ideas to the table. Basically, Kathleen rocks!

Owner | WeBuild.io

Kathleen understood my vision. She really looked out for my best interest. I so appreciate that. She is organized and sticks to timelines. I really think that I’ve benefited from her vast experience. I love how she is fascinated by making everything run on auto. I would absolutely recommend Kathleen to high caliber entrepreneurs. She has the skills to make your business thrive. She will take on your project as if it were her own. She has excellent communication skills, sticks to deadlines and is fun to work with! Kathleen rocks!

Owner | MariaHinton.ca

Frequently Asked Questions

We work with a variety of product based businesses from jewlers to soap makers to specialty chefs. Our clients believe in their products, are open to our feedback and suggestions, and trust our process. When the trust is there, we have the best results.

This is the answer to a frequently asked question.

Minimally, $1,000/month.

On average, about 4-6 weeks. Lots of times things happen more quickly but the reality is that businesses come to us in all different stages of growth. Sometimes we’re starting from scratch, other time’s we’re fixing a mess someone else made. Starting with a new company takes a bit of time as we work to set up your audiences, test, and optimize.

We know money is important (and we want you to make a lot of it!) but the first thing you’re going to get from working with us is INFORMATION, and that is priceless. By running paid advertising to your site, we’re going to see how your shop performs sales-wise on a bigger scale. From there, we’re able to make suggestions on how to improve your results.

As far as typical ROI goes, we usually see 2x ROI in the first 4-6 weeks.

There is no guarantee but if you have an excellent product, a beautiful website and you’re willing to take our feedback and execute it, it SHOULD work. Our promise is that we will do everything in our power to make it work. This is our zone of genius and we only take on clients that we’re confident we can serve.

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